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Sarah Le, MBA

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Mrs. Sarah Le graduated as a Doctor of Medicine in Vietnam in 2002. She obtained an MBA from the University of Wales (UK) in 2008. Most recently, Ms. Sarah Le completed her degree in Marketing Management from Langara College (Canada) in 2019. Mrs. Sarah Le has participated in many training courses both local and international in the fields of Breakthrough Leadership, Operation & Changes, Business Strategies, Differentiation in Marketing, …

Mrs. Sarah Le has nearly 20 years working in the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Business. She has participated in multinational corporations such as AstraZeneca, Fresenius Kabi, Abbott Nutrition, and Pfizer as Product Manager, Group Product Manager, Brand Manager, and Sale Manager.

Currently, Mrs. Sarah Le is living and working in Canada. She is participating in public health research projects at The University of British Columbia (Canada).  She is also running a healthcare business for three markets: Canada, Japan, and Vietnam.  At the same time, she also provides business consulting services to partners in these 3 markets.

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